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Corporate Social Responsibility

It is McWilliam's Wines commitment to promote healthier consumption patterns of wine by all consumers, to enhance the social responsibility of the wine sector and to take every measure possible to ensure wine is always enjoyed in moderation. It's this same commitment we apply to caring for our environment and community.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is demonstrated through the following initiatives:

  • McWilliam’s Wines adheres in total to all standards outlined in the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code relating to the product design, product name, advertising and promotion of alcohol; internationally, it is the Company’s policy that all product design, advertising and promotion of McWilliam’s Wines products must adhere to the guidelines of the appropriate authority in each market.
  • Representation and participation on the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Wine and Social Responsibility Committee
  • Adherence to Standard Drinks Labelling and Label Integrity Program and display of stylised wine glass logo on packaging to ensure that the standard drinks content is clearly communicated to consumers
  • McWilliam’s Wines Academy courses available to educate trade and staff about Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • The industry’s first Responsible Consumption of Alcohol course, which will be launched by the McWilliam’s Wines Academy in 2010 to educate consumers on responsible consumption patterns

Drinkwise Australia

Established in 2005 by the alcohol industry, DrinkWise Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting change towards a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.

DrinkWise Labels on Alcohol Products and Packaging

In 2010, the DrinkWise Australia Board took the decision to develop consumer information messages for voluntary inclusion on alcohol labels to support Australian consumers to better understand the issues around alcohol consumption.

The Board recognised that there was an imperative to expand the DrinkWise information and education campaign messaging beyond television, online and print directly to the consumer. Delivering messages via product labels and point of sale will enable DrinkWise to engage with Australian drinkers.

Australia’s major alcohol producers and retailers have been working collaboratively to develop consumer messaging that will better enable the community to enjoy alcohol with responsibility and care. The alcohol producers who contribute to DrinkWise account for approximately 80% of all alcohol sales by volume in Australia.

The Consumer Information Messages will encourage consumers to ‘Get the Facts’ from the DrinkWise website which provides evidence based information on alcohol which will support the community in taking a healthier and safer approach to alcohol consumption. In addition to the DrinkWise ‘Get the Facts’ logo, producers have the option of adopting issue specific consumer information like:

• Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix

• Is Your Drinking Harming Yourself or Others?

• It is Safest Not to Drink While Pregnant

The adoption of consumer information messages on product and packaging is voluntary and represents a significant commitment from a substantial proportion of industry.


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